Types of websites Ideograph construct.

All websites Ideograph construct are mobile responsive.

mobile responsive websites melbourne

As so many people now access the internet on their mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets that Google enforces that all websites have to be mobile device friendly. What that means is, the page you view on your computer has to re-format itself to fit on the screen size of the mobile device you are viewing it on. Search engines prohibit separate websites for mobile devices (one for mobiles to other for computers) - the one website has to cater for all devices.

How it works is, the website senses what device you are viewing from (computer, tablet and type of phone) and re-arranges the page to view correctly on that device. Menus change for different devices - for computers you would see a normal main menu, but on a mobile phone where there is not a lot of viewable space, then menu changes to a ''tap to open'' type of menu to maximising the space.

HTML (Brochureware) websites.

Technically called Brochureware sites or static websites, these are an on-line version of the the old, printed ''Company Profile'' brochures.

Brochureware websites are generally the most economical way to give your company an on-line presence. Brochureware sites are usually an overview of what your company offers in terms of; services and/or products, and are best used when the information on the site is not updated frequently.

Drawing on years of experience and training, Ideograph can produce professional, eye-catching website designs that demand attention while effectively informing your customers what you do.

We offer advice on the best ways to meet your needs and the least expensive method of producing them. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional, reliable and consistent service, on time and on budget.

All our sites are W3C conformative and are built using the latest software and techniques.

If you're a bit short on content to put on your site, then we have a range of long standing, affiliate services including; copywriters, illustrators and photographers that can supply very sharp content and images for your pages.

Database (Dynamic) websites.

Database websites (dynamic websites) are the ideal choice for a websites that contain a large amount of information pages like a catalogue, that are frequently updated. Database websites are also ideal if you require a specialise application website, like a client portal or some form of booking or ordering system.

Database websites connect to a database to display the information on pages. The pages can react differently for different user’s - i.e. If a user was registered in your database they could see pricing on a page, whereas anybody else would not see pricing, though they are viewing the same page.

On-line Catalogues that contain a lot of content are ideally constructed as dynamic websites as the information can be easily updated, changed or deleted, especially when the dynamic website is coupled to a CMS.

How database (dynamic) pages work are; the web server receives a request for a selected page, the selected page is automatically retrieved from storage by the software on the server in response to the page request. A page may display the current state of a dialogue between users (like a forum), monitor a changing situation (prices linked to overseas currencies), provide information in some way personalised to the requirements of the individual user or write information back to the database - i.e. user's name and address details.

Ideograph’s database websites can be built to be scalable so that in the future if you want to migrate from a catalogue website to a full e-commerce website that can be done economically.

Content Management System (CMS).

Content Management System (or CMS) allows companies to login via the web with a password and username to their website and manage the content without the need for design programs or programming knowledge.

With a CMS package you can manage almost all of your website including: text, product, prices, benefits, product images, special promotions, site navigation links, addresses, customers, orders and much more.

Our CMS package is so simple to use, that you can become your own webmaster in a matter of minutes. Tracking orders and customers and keeping your website up to date, has never been so quick and easy. If fact you can have several people updating information at one time with no problems.

CMS – Just a snapshot of what can it do:

Web Design Provides full in-site search facilities of your site
Web Design Add/modify information, categories, products as well as change settings while the site is running.
Web Design Manage and create related products – to aid in cross selling items.
Web Design Allow customers to login to your site with a username so they can manage their own details.
Web Design Allocate rewards or pricing discounts.
Web Design Automatically calculate freight, tax and shipping costs.
Web Design Create Feature products and specials
Web Design Receive orders and payment details
Web Design Creation and mailing of e-newletters.
Web Design Creation of invoices. reports, and statistics

We make it our business, to get your business on-line.

It seems that everyone is waking up to the potential of on-line, E-Commerce Stores, and why not, when already thousands of large and small companies are conducting their business on the web, whether this be complimentary to their bricks and mortar business or solely as a virtual shop.

With 51% of Australian businesses placing orders online the potential for sales over the internet is just too big to ignore.  (Australian Bureau of Statistics report see article.)

Ideograph's On-line E-Commerce Store package is completely tailored to each of our customer needs, in functionality and design, and allows their customers to complete transactions quickly, easily and safely online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our E-Commerce store with full CMS (Content Management System) allows you to maintain it yourself including:

Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Add/modify/ delete products, categories, store news, shipping, tax, payment methods, suppliers, affiliates and site settings while the store is running;
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Unlimited product variations with price and type (size, color, etc)
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Creation of feature products and specials
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Up-datable, inbuilt shipping, currency conversion and GST tax calculations included
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Cross Selling Features such as related products, wishlist, email to a friend and email newsletters
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Ability to handle rental products, recurring billing, digital goods with serial codes as well as physical products.
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Inbuilt stock management with Back-Order facility, and out of stock messages for products with zero stock
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Multiple Payment Methods including credit cards, Pay Pal, EFT, money order and cheque
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Customer login provides; Order Tracking, access to discounts, ability to change contact details
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Allows and calculates affiliates and commissions
Ecommerce, E-commerce,online store websites Secure SSL credit card collection with order confirmation sent by e-mail to customer and store administrator.

We ensure that buying from your company online is an easy experience for your customers, so that they don’’t hesitate to purchase from you again, and again, and again.

Brief overview of features:

e-commerce storeCommercial-Grade Custom Design
Our on-line stores are designed specifically for your business and more importantly your clients needs.

on-line store melbourneSelf-Manage Your Online Store
Upload new products, process orders and print invoices seamlessly.

design e-comm stores melbourneEnhanced Online Shopping
Give your customers an amazing online shopping experience they deserve with one of the world's best e-commerce systems.

build shopping website melbourneThe world's easiest CMS
Self managing your website text & images becomes so simple that you can do it yourself

build e-comm store melbourneUpload Photos
Provide your website visitors with a rich end-user experience

e-comm website designers melbourneAutomatic Email Newsletter Campaigns
Keep customers informed with latest products or information with just one click. We can build into your store a newsletter or new products page that you can send to all your clients with just one click.

online ecomm website melbourneDiscount rewards
Give your favourite customers discounts for repeat purchases.

website with payment system melbourneSecure Payment Gateways
Accept payments by credit cards, EFT, cheque or even accommodate account holders.

database shopping websiteUnlimited Product Categories
Add thousands of products with unlimited categories

e-comm with CMS melbournePersonalised training and support
Our CMS is one of the worlds easiest to use – you don't need to be a geek to use it.! In no time flat, you will be adding new products and updating information to your site, and if you do have a question, just ring us.

For a full run-down, or to find out how an on-line store can increase your sales please give us a call.



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