Logo Design

“When people can easily remember your logo, you have a competitive edge.”

For over 25 years Ideograph has produced literally hundreds of original logos for products and businesses. Our philosophy is that a logo should visually identify to the audience the area of business that it represents, this visual recognition helps increase brand recall by the audience.

A logo is probably the most important, but only a part of the overall branding of you product/service.

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Today there are many mediums to which logos have to perform on: printed material, uniforms, vehicles, 3D signs, multi-media presentations and the internet, just to name a few, so these days you want a logo that will cover all mediums. At Ideograph we create logos that will perform on every medium - guaranteed!

The creation of a logo begins with you, Ideograph will meet with you and extract the required information and requirements to create a outstanding visual solution for your business. Factors in logo design may include the reproduction methods to be used, budget, client and audience expectations and of course deadlines.

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We’ll quote before we start.

Ideograph will quote the logo design for free after obtaining all the information required to complete the project. Our quote will also include the TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT to the client - so you can enjoy royalty free use, with no complications down the track.

How much will it cost?

That's probably the question we are most asked. The cost depends on how much time is required. Some clients come to us with a fair idea of what they want, and only need their design to be "professionalised"— drawn up, tidied up and finally, produce the artwork in a useable format. When you know what you want, logos can be produced for a very reasonable cost.

On the other hand, some clients have no preconception of what their logo design should look like and require several design concepts to be developed. You may even require market research to the public to make a decision on the design. These processes will of course, cost more.

Our services in Logo and Corporate Identity Management include:

  • Corporate identity development;
  • Application and control management;
  • Logo development for corporate identities, product branding, property signage; and
  • Slogan and Tagline development and design.
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