Static Websites

All websites Ideograph construct are mobile responsive.
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As so many people now access the internet on their mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets that Search Engines enforce that all websites have to be mobile device responsive. What that means is, the page you view on your computer has to re-format itself to fit on the screen size of the mobile device you are viewing it on. Search engines prohibit separate websites for mobile devices— one site specifically for mobiles and one for computers= screens, the one website has to cater for all devices.

How it works is, the website senses what device you are viewing from (computer, tablet and type of phone) and re-arranges the page to view correctly on that device. Menus change for different devices - for computers you would see a normal main menu, but on a mobile phone where there is not a lot of viewable space, then menu changes to a ''tap to open'' type of menu to maximising the space.

Static (Brochureware) websites.

Technically called Brochureware sites or static websites, these are an on-line version of the the old, printed ''Company Profile'' brochures.

Brochureware websites are generally the most economical way to give your company an on-line presence. Brochureware sites are usually an overview of what your company offers in terms of; services and/or products, and are best used when the information on the site is not updated frequently.

Drawing on years of experience and training, Ideograph can produce professional, eye-catching website designs that demand attention while effectively informing your customers what you do.

We offer advice on the best ways to meet your needs and the least expensive method of producing them. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional, reliable and consistent service, on time and on budget.

All our sites are W3C conformative and are built using the latest software and techniques.

If you're a bit short on content to put on your site, then we have a range of long standing, affiliate services including; copywriters, illustrators and photographers that can supply very sharp content and images for your pages.

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